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Would you like to apply with us? Thank you for your interest in joining our reliable team.

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The Following list is our minimum requirements: (These are our Minimum Requirements)

(Español) A continuacion le ofrecemos un listado de los documentos y entrenamientos requeridos antes de su entrevista.


  • CNA License – Current
  • HHA Diploma (minimum 75 Hrs.)

Trainings and Certificates:

  • CPR (see card for expiration)
  • First Aid (yearly, or see card for expiration)
  • 1 Hr. Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation (yearly)
  • 2 Hrs. Alzheimer’s (yearly)
  • 2 Hrs. Assistance with Self-Administration of Medication (yearly)
  • 1 Hr. Domestic Violence (yearly)
  • 1 Hr. HIPPA (yearly)
  • 2 Hrs. HIV Training (One Time only)
  • 1 Hr. Infection Control (yearly)
  • 1 Hr. Medical Error (yearly)
  • 1 Hr. OSHA (yearly)
  • 1 Hr. Blood Bourne Pathogens (yearly)


  • Physical Examination (yearly), it must say “Free from Communicable Diseases”
  • Background/AHCA Level 2 (must be re-screened if out of healthcare for 90 days or more)
  • Liability Insurance (See Caregiver/Staff Resources)

Personal Documents:

  • Copy of current Auto Insurance (With your name listed)
  • SS Card (Original)
  • Driver’s License
  • Authorization for Employment (just one of the following, original documents is required)
    • Permanent Resident Card
    • Employment Authorization Card
    • Voter Registration Card
    • Passport
  • Birth Certificate

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