About Us

Serene Home Care was founded by the Segarra family in 2013. For five years, they provided a warm and secure place for Tampa Bay's elderly population. The Desai family, coming from generations of close-knit families with strong values, took over Serene Home Care in 2019. Having achieved multiple degrees in the medical healthcare field while personally caring for an elderly loved one, the Desais recognize the impact that elderly care has on the well-being of a family and a community and wanted to 'pay-it-forward' in the greater Tampa Bay area.

In 2013, the Desais learned that their Grandfather was suffering from Dementia and Parkinson's disease. Knowing their grandfather as the strong patriarch of the family, it was difficult to see him struggle. The Desais provided great love and care for a long time, but as the years progressed, the need for outside assistance in caring for their grandfather grew. Eventually, even with their knowledge and access to healthcare resources, it was clear to the Desais that their grandfather required additional care.

The Desais understand that a house is not a home. It is a dwelling to be filled with people. To them, a home is a group of people who embrace the notion that within its borders lie security, love, and comfort. A home is where everyone is accepted and cared for, and where needs are met with dignity and respect. When the Desais decided to take over Serene Home Care, they did it with the understanding that much like their grandfather, the elderly require a home, no matter which house they come from.

The Desais are steadfast in easing the stress of the elderly's loved ones and allowing them to maintain their independence by providing the same unparalleled care that their own grandfather deserves: holistic care of the mind, body and soul. In order to implement these plans into action, Serene Home Care boasts a talented multi-lingual team of professionals that encompass every aspect of home care and personal care. We expect you to expect incomparable care for your loved ones; we expect your loved ones to deserve a caring heart and a listening ear; and we promise to honor and care for all whom we serve with the same vigor that we would for our own grandfather.